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Scampi al pil pil

Scampi al pil pil I learned this dish a few years ago in Andalusia, the south of Spain. It's actually mega-simple. But actually also very tasty :-)
I often make it as a snack with an aperitif, but you can also prepare it as a starter or even as a main course. You just need to adjust the quantities slightly.

Asparagus à la flamande. But slightly different.

Asparagus à la flamande. But slightly different. I love asparagus! I am therefore overjoyed when asparagus season arrives. One of the first asparagus recipes of the season is invariably the asparagus à la flamande on the menu. This Flemish classic is still one of my favourites and ideal to experiment with. I get to work with olive oil, black pepper and sea salt flakes from Falksalt. Simple. Delicious!