Omelette with spinach and gomasio salt

Omelette with spinach and gomasio salt

Need a hearty breakfast? How about a tasty, and healthy, omelette with spinach? Top with some gomasio salt and enjoy.

Omelette with spinach and gomasio salt

This simple omelette is not only quick to prepare, but also healthy ánd delicious. Completely fits my stall :-) Serve it with a piece of crusty baguette or a thick slice of brown farmhouse bread.
The gomasio salt is a nice salt to finish. It is packed with sesame seeds and nigelle seeds. This gives a nice nutty flavour to the salt and pairs perfectly with young spinach leaves that also have some those nutty notes.

What do you need (per person)?

- 3 eggs
- 100 to 150g young spinach leaves
- 1 tablespoon of milk or water
- optional: some grated cheese

What do you need from our shop?

- gomasio salt
- spoon of olive oil fruité vert

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How to make this delicious omelette?

1. Beat the eggs with the milk (or water). If necessary, add a little grated cheese.
2. Put a non-stick pan on the hob and add the oil. Add the spinach and fry until the spinach has completely shrunk and is cooked.
3. Now add in the eggs and fry the omelette on a not too high heat (I like creamy eggs).
4. Season with the gomasio salt. Serve with some crusty baguette or nice brown country bread. Enjoy!

--- Birger ---

ps: feel free to experiment with this recipe and turn it into a quiche, for example....

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