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Let's spice it up. Flavor Shop offers a wide palette of flavours in all shapes, scents and colours. You can choose from pure flavours or spice blends. Order our kitchen spices online and spoil yourself and your guests!

Garlic powder 50 g
Unit price: €100,00 / Kilogram
Basil 15 g
Unit price: €300,00 / Kilogram
Oregano 10 g
Unit price: €480,00 / Kilogram
Anise seed 40 g
Unit price: €162,50 / Kilogram


Spice up your stews, sauces, salads, soups and so much more with our range of spices. For gourmets, we have mustard seeds and ras el hanout, while Burgundy lovers will love our Provençal herbs and garlic powder. Browse our selection, there is something for every taste. You can also create your own gift package here.

From lemon thyme, bay leaves and rosemary to dill seeds, curry leaves and anise seeds ... Some herbs are not only suitable for the kitchen, but also fit perfectly in a Gin Tonic as a botanical! Still prefer just spices in your plate? Then take inspiration from our chicken tikka masala.