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About us

Hello, my name is Birger Vanacker and I am passionate about two things: food and travel. Whenever I visit a foreign destination, I always make it a point to try new things and experience different flavours. I am constantly impressed by the unique herbs, spices and ingredients used to create delicious dishes. It was this love for good food and drink that inspired me to create Flavor Shop, an online and physical deli where you can find the best herbs, spices, olive oil, delicacies and drinks, all carefully selected by me.

As a food and travel enthusiast, I understand the pain points of those who are unable to explore new cultures and experience different flavours. That is why I created Flavor Shop, a place where you can discover new flavours and experiment with different herbs, spices, delicacies and drinks even if you cannot travel abroad.

At Flavor Shop, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality ingredients. Our herbs, olive oil, delicacies and drinks are sourced from trusted suppliers and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our standards. We understand that gastronomy can be an expensive hobby, which is why we offer competitive prices to make our products accessible to all.

Our desire is to create a community of foodies who are passionate about cooking and discovering new flavours. Whether you are an experienced chef or a beginner in the kitchen, we have something for everyone. So join us on this culinary journey and let's discover the world of flavours together.


--- Birger ---

Birger Vanacker & Steven Piens van Flavor Shop

Birger Vanacker & Steven Piens of Flavor Shop


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