Make your own Baileys (Irish Cream).

Make your own Baileys (Irish Cream).

make your own Irish Cream (Bailey's)

Everything you make yourself is tastier. And this Irish Cream is no different. Once you have made and tasted these yourself, you won't want anything else! This homemade Bailey's keeps for up to a month in the refrigerator, but I don't think it will last that long... By then it will be gone a long time ;-) And the nice thing is that it is ready quickly. So is your bottle empty? Then you can make more within 5 minutes!

This is what you need:

• 200ml cream
• 300ml condensed milk (sweetened)
• 1 tablespoon homemade vanilla extract

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• 1 teaspoon of pure cocoa
• 200ml whiskey BenRiach 10 years

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This is how you proceed:

1. Place the cocoa in a bowl and add some of the cream. First make a kind of paste out of it, so that there are no lumps left.

2. Then add some cream again. Stir again until you obtain a smooth mass.

3. Finally add the rest of the cream and stir well. If necessary, run a spatula along the bottom and edges of your bowl to mix everything neatly.

4. Now add the condensed milk while stirring. Mix until smooth.

5. Now add the homemade vanilla extracts and whiskey. Stir for a little while longer. If you still have some cocoa lumps in your mixture, pour the Irish cream through a sieve.

6. Take a nice bottle and put the homemade Irish cream in it. The bailey's can be stored in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

7. Put some ice cubes in a glass and pour some of the Irish cream over it.

Enjoy! With friends :-)

I am very curious about your creation! Share your homemade Irish cream on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #BirgersKitchen and inspire others.

--- Birger ---
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