Summer melon salad with port dressing

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Summer melon salad with port dressing

A summer lunch? How about this salad with melon and a port dressing? A delicious lunch recipe.

Melon salad with prosciutto, parma ham and port vinaigrette

This salad will certainly delight you as a light lunch on a warm spring or summer day! The sweet and the savory constantly play a taste battle in your mouth. And believe me. You will want even more of it! I prefer to choose a melon with a tasty, intense flavor such as the Galia or Cavaillon. You can of course also use other melon varieties. Or why not take a piece of grilled watermelon to make this salad? Delicious!

What do you need?

• Melon (cavaillon)
• Prosciutto
• Parmesan cheese shavings
• Some fresh basil leaves

What do you need from our store?

• port (e.g. Graham port)
Olive oil Domaine de Valdition Fruité vert (just because it tastes nice and spicy!
• Himalayan salt 'French Potatoes' (you can do so much more with this salt than just on your potatoes)
• Black Sarawak pepper

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How do you make this delicious melon salad?

1. Remove the rind and seeds from the melon. Cut into moons or cubes. If you have a special spoon, you can even take melon balls.

2. Add a little French Potatoes Salt (be careful, not too much, because the prosciutto and parma are also salty) and give a good turn of the black pepper mill.

3. Now add the prosciuttio and parmesan shavings. Sprinkle the basil leaves over it.

4. Make the vinaigrette. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of port and mix it with 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil Fruité Vert from Domaine de Valdition.

5. Mix well and pour this over your salad! You can also serve this salad with a piece of fresh, crusty baguette!


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