Graham's Vintage Ports: The Highest Quality of Fortified Wines

Graham's Vintage Ports: The Highest Quality of Fortified Wines

Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or just looking for a new and exciting taste experience, be captivated by the timeless allure of Vintage Portos and learn why these wines hold such a unique place in the world of grape nectars. A truly unique category in the rich history of Portuguese wine culture.

Vintage Porto is a type of port wine considered one of the highest qualities in the world of fortified wines because of its rarity and specific production process. Vintage Porto is in fact made from grapes from a single vintage. It is only produced in years of exceptionally good harvests, which means it is not available annually. It is considered a true reflection of the vineyard and grape harvest.

Vintage Portos are usually bottled only a few years after the harvest. They undergo a short maturation in wooden barrels and are then bottled unfiltered, which means that sediment may potentially form in the bottle over time. For this, they are often decanted to separate the sediment and aerate the wine. They also have great ageing potential, allowing them to improve for decades in bottle. They reach their peak after a long ageing period, making them ideal wines to keep and age. They are a real investment for wine lovers who enjoy wines with distinct character and a rich history.

The characteristics of Vintage Ports are very specific, as they are known for their deep, rich colour and complex aromas of ripe fruit, flowers and spices. On the palate, they offer a powerful and concentrated flavour with firm tannins. They are often considered wine for special occasions. Served at room temperature, they can be paired with cheese, chocolate or enjoyed as a standalone digestif. Of course, each producer of Vintage Porto can also have subtle variations in style and flavour, giving a wide range of choices.

Here are the Vintage ports from our range:
- Graham's 2020 Vintage Port 75 cl
- Graham's 2018 Late Bottled Vintage Porto
- Dow's Vintage 2021 Quinta do Bomfim 150 cl
- Graham's The Stone Terraces 2021 Vintage Port 75 cl
- Graham's 1997 Apprentice Vintage Port 75 cl
- Graham's 2000 Vintage Port 75 cl
- Graham's 2016 Vintage Port 75 cl
- Graham's 1983 Vintage Port 75 cl
- Graham's 1997 Vintage Port 1.5 L

Do you have further questions about our Vintage Portos, or would you like tailored advice for a specific food pairing/occasion? Our founder and Brand Ambassador of Graham's Portos, Birger Vanacker, is always at your disposal to search for your ideal bottle together.
Vintage Portso tasting? You can! Because we are organising a Graham's Porto Tasting on 27 March. Led by Nuno Silva, you will discover the deep history and refined flavours of this beloved Portuguese beverage. Taste a range of Graham's Porto, learn to appreciate subtle aromas and delve into its unique history and production processes. Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or curious about Porto, this workshop offers a tasty adventure!


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