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Flavor Lab, here we organize various workshops, tastings and demos. Let's discover new flavors together. :)



Workshops, tastings and demos, we're off to a great start! Discover together how to shake the tastiest cocktails, how to roll the best sushi or serve the most tasty ice tea to your guests. A workshop for everyone. Discover, enjoy and be enchanted by the wonderful world of taste. Now admit it, we all like to taste! :)

You will find all workshops on this page. Learn in a fun way about (aperitif) wine, whisky, rum, tea and much more and become a real expert!

Or go for a private workshop! Invite your friends, family and colleagues to our Flavor Lab in Gooik. Choose your own flavor workshop and we will discuss the organization with you. Be sure to choose a bob in advance, because it promises to be a phenomenal evening! ;)

More info: https://www.flavor.shop/nl/workshops-events/