Scampi al pil pil

Scampi al pil pil

I learned this dish a few years ago in Andalusia, the south of Spain. It's actually mega-simple. But actually also very tasty :-)
I often make it as a snack with an aperitif, but you can also prepare it as a starter or even as a main course. You just need to adjust the quantities slightly.

This is what you need:

• Scampi (shell and intestines removed) (tip: I usually buy those from 365 at Delhaize. These peel easily and have already been removed from the intestines. This is usually not the case at other supermarkets)
• Fresh garlic, finely chopped
• Some fresh crusty baguette
• Allspice (dried chili peppers)

This is what you need from our herb shop:

• Olive oil Fruité vert Domaine de Valdition
• Fleur de sel

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This is how you proceed:

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

2. Put a lot of Fruité vert olive oil in a heatproof saucer.

3. Add plenty of chopped garlic and a chili pepper. The daredevils might take two :)

4. Add the scampi and sprinkle with fleur de sel.

5. Place the scampi in the warm oven and let it cook. Usually when the oil starts to bubble, the scampi are ready.

Like this. That's all it is. But mega delicious. You can simply dip the delicious oil into the crispy baguette so that nothing goes to waste.

If you want to serve this as a starter, you can serve it with a fresh tomato salad. This ensures that the spiciness of the peppers is softened somewhat. To do this, cut some tomatoes into slices or wedges and add some rings of red onion. Some pepper, fleur de sel, olive oil Fruité vert and balsamic vinegar. Simple, but delicious.


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