Pasta Arrabiata in 1,2,3

Pasta Arrabiata in 1,2,3

Bring a touch of Italy to your kitchen with our delicious recipe for Pasta Penne Arrabiata! Discover the perfect balance of tangy tomato sauce, herbs and crispy penne. Buon Appetito!

Ingredients from our shop:

Pasta (Penne)
Olive oil
Arrabbiata sauce

Other essentials:

Parmesan cheese
Cherry tomatoes

How to make this delicious Penne? In 1,2,3!

1. Let the pasta cook (check the packet for the exact cooking time).
2. Meanwhile, warm up the sauce in a pan. Taste the sauce and season to taste. You can also add cherry tomatoes here for an extra bite.
3. Mix the pasta and sauce and add Parmesan cheese to taste.
Let it taste!

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