Tuna Shichimi Togarashi and mango salsa

Tuna Shichimi Togarashi and mango salsa

If you are looking for inspiration for an ultra-delicious and original appetiser for your guests, I can definitely recommend the Tuna Shichimi Togarashi(Japanese blend of herbs and spices) with mango salsa. It is in itself a simple and quick-prepared dish that you can also easily prepare in advance and still spend time with your guests. The Shichimi Togarashi spices come from our spice shop.

This is what you need in ingredients for 4 people:
- Tuna for 4 people (I usually take half a steak per person for an appetiser) cut into square cubes
- Half a mango cut into small cubes
- Half a clove of pressed garlic
- Half a shallot finely chopped
- 1 tomato deseeded and cut into small cubes
- Small bunch of fresh coriander, finely chopped
- Juice and zest of half a lime

You will need this in olive oil, herbs and spices from our online spice shop:
- dash of olive oil (choose a spicy Verdale olive oil from Moulin du Calanquet here)
- maldon salt flakes
- 7-sea pepper
- Shichimi Togarashi (this is a Japanese mixture of herbs and spices based on algae. Among other things, it also contains black and white sesame seeds, nori algae, sansho pepper, chilli pepper,... This makes it a little spicy. )

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Here's how to proceed:

1. Take the tuna and sprinkle the Shichimi Togarashi on all sides and set aside.

2. Meanwhile, mix together the mango, tomato, shallot, pressed garlic, Verdale Olive Oil, lime
juice and zest.

3. Season with the fresh coriander, maldon salt flakes and 7-seas pepper.

4. Mix everything together.

5. Heat a pan over a high heat.

6. Fry the tuna pieces briefly (a few seconds) on all sides.
Serve with the mango salsa and possibly a piece of crusty fresh bread.

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-- Birger --
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