Scampi with broad beans and saffron sauce

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Scampi with broad beans and saffron sauce

Recipe for making scampi with broad beans and a delicious saffron sauce. Read after the recipe here. Also follow our cooking blog.

I used this in my recipe:

- 3 scampi per person
- handful of broad beans (cooked and skinned) per person
- 500 g prawns (unpeeled)
- 200 ml cream
- Glass of white wine + same amount of water
- A few threads of saffron
- Some olive oil
- Some lemon olive oil
- Pepper and salt

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And this is how I got started:

1. Start by peeling the prawns and scampi first. Keep the heads and peels.
2. Then sauté these in a little olive oil until they turn pinkish.
3. Then add the wine and water and reduce. Strain.
4. Now add the cream to the reduced stock and reduce again.
5. Meanwhile, add the saffron. In principle, the sauce is salty enough, but you can add some extra salt if you like.
6. Season with some pepper.
7. Meanwhile, brush the scampi with some lemon olive oil and season with some salt and pepper.
8. Heat a pan and briefly fry the scampi.
9. When the sauce is just about ready, add the broad beans to warm up.
10. Dress the sauce in a deep plate. Add the scampi. Sprinkle with prawns.

Serve with a piece of nice fresh bread and some olive oil or creamy butter.

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