Drunk mussels - Mussels with Gin

Drunk mussels - Mussels with Gin

Not regular mussels with white wine, but with gin. A summer recipe that you should definitely try if you are going to invite some friends or family.

Drunken mussels recipe - Mussels with Gin

I actually had this recipe for quite some time. When we were on holiday at the seaside a few weeks ago, I suddenly got the idea to prepare mussels with gin instead of white wine. To be sure, I prepared 2 versions, one with white wine and one with gin. In the end everyone was very enthusiastic about my drunk mussels, mussels with gin :-)

In principle the recipe is the same as mussels with white wine, but we use gin Monkey 47 instead.

What do you need (for 1 person)?

• 1 kg mussels
• 1 large onion cut into half rings
• 2 to 3 carrots (peeled and cut into rounds)

What do you need from our store?

• 5cl Monkey 47 gin
• 1 large soup spoon of mussel herbs
• possibly some extra fleur de sel and pepper
• dash of olive oil (fruité vert olive oil Valdition or Provence Tradition)

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How do you make these tasty mussels with gin?

1. Clean the mussels. Remove the beard and any other dirt. Let the mussels stand in cold water for a while so that they spit out as much sand as possible. Repeat the latter if necessary.
2. In the meantime, take a large bowl and place it on the stove. Add a generous dash of olive oil. Fry the onion briefly and then add the carrots. Let it simmer gently for a few minutes so that the vegetables are slightly cooked.
3. Turn the heat back up and add the mussels. Add the mussel herbs and the gin Monkey 47. Let it boil for a while. Shake the mussels so that they are all cooked. After a few minutes the drunken mussels are ready when they are all open. Serve with fries if desired.

Why do I choose the gin Monkey 47? This is a spicy gin that can be perfectly combined in spicy dishes. Alternatively, you can also choose another spicy gin. For example, I think of Gin Mare, with soft notes of thyme and rosemary.


Are you happy with the result? Then inspire others by sharing a photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BirgersKitchen. I look forward!

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