Rap Wrap

Rap Wrap

Delicious wraps with a recipe for homemade guacamole. Use our guacamole herbs and enjoy!

During the week, it is not always obvious to cook elaborate meals. That's why I occasionally make it easy for myself and buy a ready-made tortilla kit from Delhaize. I add some guacamole and sour cream and you have a perfect wrap. Rap ready and tasty (although it would be even tastier if you could make your own meat).

For the guacamole, you don't need much. Just a ripe avocado (I take the Taste of Inspirations at Delhaize, which is already ready to eat) and some of our tasty guacamole spice mix. You remove the flesh from the avocado, crush with a fork. Mix in a tablespoon of seasoning and some lemon juice if needed and it's ready.

Just fry the meat, heat tortillas in the microwave and the bite is ready. Enjoy!


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