Homemade vanilla extract

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Homemade vanilla extract

Making your own vanilla extract is really a breeze. What do you need? Some vodka and a few vanilla pods from our spice shop. And some patience :-)

You make the vanilla extract like this:

1. Cut the vanilla pods in half (and cut into smaller pieces if necessary) and put them in the bottle of vodka.
2. Let rest for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Like this. Done!
At least you have vanilla extract that really tastes like vanilla! This vanilla extract also keeps for years.
Tomorrow I'll put a little recipe online in which you can use this vanilla extract.... It will be a surprising dessert with something from herbs and spices from our herb shop :-)

By the way... that vanilla extract is also just delicious as a digestive or processed in a cocktail....

I am very curious about your creation! Share your homemade vanilla extract on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #BirgersKitchen and inspire others.

See you soon! ;)

-- Birger --
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