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Sweet & Spicy Dip 45 g

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This dip has a perfect balance of sweet and spicy and adds an extra flavorful touch to your meals. Combine with olive oil, mayonnaise or yogurt for optimal taste.
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Sweet & Spicy Dip 45 g

Let your taste buds be surprised by the magic of our Sweet & Spicy Dip. This sensational dip is a perfect balance of delicious ingredients. This unique composition creates a flavor explosion that is both sweet and spicy

Recipe ideas:

  • Dip for Chicken Wings: Grease grilled chicken wings with our Sweet & Spicy Dip for a flavorful and sticky glaze that pairs perfectly with chicken.

  • Spicy Marinade: Marinate meat or tofu in a mixture of Sweet & Spicy Dip and olive oil before grilling for a spicy and flavorful meal.

  • Dip for Spring Rolls: Serve our dip as a refreshing sauce for Vietnamese spring rolls filled with vegetables, shrimps and rice vermicelli.

  • Spicy Vegetable Skewers: Thread vegetables such as peppers, zucchini and mushrooms onto skewers, marinate them in Sweet & Spicy Dip and grill them for a tasty side dish.

  • Sweet & Spicy Sushi: Use the dip as a spicy topping for sushi rolls filled with avocado, crab or salmon.

  • Dip for Sweet Potato Fries: Dip crispy sweet potato fries in our Sweet & Spicy Dip for a delicious combination of flavors.

  • Tacos with a Twist: Add Sweet & Spicy Dip as a tasty sauce for your tacos filled with minced meat, vegetables and cheese.

Ingredients: brown cane sugar, sweet Kampot chili, onion , pepper, maple sugar, garlic, salt, coriander seeds, sesame, cumin, fenugreek.

Contents: 45 g

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