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Discover the versatility of rillette and give your culinary experience a tasty upgrade.

Goose rillette 200 g
Unit price: €44,75 / Kilogram
Brasvar Rillettes 100 g
Unit price: €59,50 / Kilogram


Discover the irresistible opulence of rillette at Flavor Shop, where every bite becomes a culinary adventure. Our rillette collection offers a delectable blend of finely cooked meats, refined with herbs and spices for a flavor explosion that enchants your taste buds.

At Flavor Shop, we believe in offering only the best, and our rillettes are no exception. Craftily prepared, our rillettes provide a unique taste experience that is perfect with an aperitif, as a sandwich spread or as an elegant element in your culinary creations.

Taste the artisanal care and dedication in each pot of rillette, using only the highest-quality ingredients to guarantee an authentic taste.