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White tea

White tea is sometimes called 'the beauty of tea'. With its subtle flavor in which sweet and floral notes can be discerned, it forms a unique tea variety!

Cuba Libre 95 g
Unit price: €62,63 / Kilogram
Pai Mu Tan 25g
Unit price: €198,00 / Kilogram

White tea

That tea is healthy and delicious has long been known, but one tea is not the other. The moment the tea leaves are dried has a powerful influence on the taste and character of the tea. Looking for tea that can be enjoyed by everyone?

White tea is a mild tea in its purest form. The leaves are merely dried after harvesting. They have undergone no further fermentation or treatment. The taste is mild and slightly sweet. Discover the white tea that suits you through Flavor Shop!

Tip: Ideal gift for every tea lover, but also for people who want to learn how to drink tea!