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Paprika hot 50 g

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Whether you grill, roast or stew, these Paprika Hot spices from SB-Flavours add a versatile spiciness to various dishes, making them suitable for any kitchen.
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Paprika hot 50 g

Sandra Bekkari, a Belgian chef, author and television personality, is known for her delicious and healthy recipes according to the Sana method, inspired by cuisines around the world. Have you ever tried a recipe from her popular "Never diet again" series?

With SB-Flavours, Sandra Bekkari shares her favorite herbs with you. These spices, made from pure, natural ingredients, add a unique flavor to your dishes.

The Paprika Hot Spices from SB-Flavours immerse you in the rich, smoky flavor of dried peppers, enhanced with a bold spiciness. This mix is designed to enrich every bite with a powerful paprika flavor that is both warming and exciting.

Recipe ideas with SB-Flavors Paprika Hot:< /p>

  1. Spicy Chicken Wings: Marinate chicken wings in olive oil and Sandra Bekkari's Paprika Hot Seasoning before roasting. Serve with a refreshing dipping sauce for an irresistible snack.

  2. Spiced Vegetable Dishes: Add a pinch of Paprika Hot Seasoning to roasted vegetables such as peppers, zucchini and onion for a powerful flavor explosion.

  3. Spicy Guacamole: Mix avocado puree with tomatoes, onion, lime juice and a hint of Sandra Bekkari's Paprika Hot Herbs for a bold guacamole that wakes you up with every bite.

Ingredients: paprika (Hungary)

Contents: 50 g

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