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Mango vinegar 200 ml

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The combination of vinegar and mango provides a fresh exotic taste. It is an ideal seasoning for various dishes.
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Mango vinegar 200 ml

Mango vinegar is very versatile, we give you some suggestions on how to use this vinegar with mango:

  1. Salad dressing: Mango vinegar can be used as a base for a refreshing salad dressing. Mix it with olive oil, some honey, mustard and herbs of your choice for a delicious dressing.

  2. Marinades: Mango vinegar adds a fruity and slightly sour taste to meat, fish and vegetable marinades. It can be used to marinate meat before grilling, baking or roasting it.

  3. Sauces and chutneys: It can be added to sauces and chutneys to give an extra layer of flavor. Try it in a mango salsa for an interesting twist.

  4. Drinks: Mix mango vinegar with water, ice and some sweetener of your choice for a refreshing drink. You can also experiment with adding it to smoothies or homemade lemonades.

  5. Preservation: Mango vinegar can be used in preserving fruits and vegetables. Its acidic properties help preserve food and give it a flavorful touch.

  6. Use in Asian dishes: In some Asian cuisines, mango vinegar is used as seasoning in various dishes, from soups to stir-fries.

  7. Refreshing dipping sauce: Mix mango vinegar with some yogurt or sour cream to make a refreshing dipping sauce for vegetables , chips or grilled dishes.

Ingredients: vinegar (60%), mango puree (non-EU)(30%), icing sugar (sugar , glucose syrup), thickener: modified starch, xanthan.

Contents: 200 ml

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