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Kurayoshi Pure Malt 70cl

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Seductive aromas, balanced flavors, silky aftertaste. A masterpiece of nature and craftsmanship. That's Kurayoshi Pure Malt.
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Kurayoshi Pure Malt 70cl

Kurayoshi Pure Malt embodies the Japanese whiskey tradition and is rooted in the beautiful surroundings of the foot of Mount Daisen. The distillery draws its inspiration from the expression "Life is good", which goes by the name "Kurayoshi". The abundant snowfall on Mount Daisen provides the distillery with pure spring water essential for distilling whisky.

The maturation of Kurayoshi Pure Malt is influenced by the climate of the region, where temperature variation throughout the year is significant is, which promotes faster maturation compared to other regions. It is no exaggeration to say that Kurayoshi whiskey is shaped by both the barrels and the natural environment.

Taste profile:

- On the nose: Soft refreshment and a subtle aroma of malt . The scents are inviting and reveal hints of dried fruit, honey and a hint of peat smoke. The nose is a promise of the rich taste experience that follows.

- In the mouth: A perfect balance of acidity, bitterness and sweetness. Notes of raisins, nuts and vanilla spread harmoniously across the mouth. This whiskey offers a striking combination of vanilla, toffee and subtle spicy accents, leading to a silky texture on the tongue. The mouthfeel is generous and satisfying.

- Aftertaste: The aftertaste of Kurayoshi Pure Malt whiskey is as memorable as the first sip. After swallowing, you will experience a long-lasting, velvety aftertaste with a hint of sea salt. This aftertaste is delicate and lingers, allowing you to continue enjoying the complex flavors that characterize this whisky.

Contents: 70 cl - 43% VOL

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